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Congress is once again considering protections for Dreamers, as well as for recipients of the Temporary Protected Status TPS and Deferred Enforcement Departure DED programs, which provide narrow relief to immigrants from specific distressed countries.

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As Congress debates the bill, here is a quick rundown of the programs it intends to protect, and why it is imperative to pass it as soon as possible. All three programs are under threat of termination by President Trump. As for DED protections, Trump initially ordered their termination in , but after public backlash, extended the program through March 31, , though its fate after that remains uncertain.

The Dream and Promise Act of seeks to protect Dreamers and immigrants eligible for TPS and DED from deportation by allowing them to become legal permanent residents, and if they qualify, eventually citizens.

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If signed into law, the bill would initially make Dreamers including those who were eligible for DACA but did not receive it eligible for conditional permanent resident status for up to ten years. Conditional permanent residency grants the same rights of a typical green card holder, so long as the recipient maintains their admissibility. Once Dreamers have lawful permanent residency, they can apply for citizenship using the same process afforded to all other green card holders. The bill, if signed into law, ensures that those who were brought here as children through no fault of their own and have only known this country as their home are able to continue growing, learning, and working within the communities to which they already contribute.

The bill protects TPS and DED recipients by canceling any pending removal proceedings and allowing them to apply directly for lawful permanent residence if they:. And just like with Dreamers, former TPS and DED recipients would be eligible for citizenship through the same path and length of time as any other legal permanent resident. This would ensure that longtime residents of the US are able to remain in their communities.

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If enacted, the Dream and Promise Act would provide a sorely needed pathway to permanent status, and eventually an earned path to citizenship, for roughly 2. We should be doing everything in our power to ensure they are able to remain at home in America. Accessed March 27, I went to see his body lowered I followed my family there Before each tear could reach the ground They turned to ice in the air. I wander all night in my visions I see you walk by, I call out Each word I use to try and reach you Takes all of my effort somehow.

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I was blinded by my wanting To always be secure We both know that always Is never the right word. Time wasted worrying about it Seems like a daydream I can not wake up from Though a part of me may doubt it Think I can love you without asking for some.

The one thing I wanted was for you to know That you could stop fighting with your shadow It followed you around and you were afraid To see that the darkness was yours to embrace. She found out Tuesday while reading the union news A few weeks too late to say goodbye to you.

Got to go to work, got to find some meaning…. Time to sit alone and think of you Quiet conversation, simple tribute To small town hotels with nothing much to do Except just sit around and talk with you.

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I met you there on that sunny afternoon You had so few belongings with you We went digging through time looking for clues and signs They all brought us back here, such a strange design. I saw you pass from shadow into light As the snow was falling From behind the car into the headlight Everyone I saw was stalling. From where I sit I have a very good view Of all the people passing by Everyone somehow reminds me of you And all of those times. Maybe this is the end of the very dark hours Maybe this is the end of the very great towers.

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I spend all these quiet hours by myself And in myself am growing strong All these songs that just collect on the shelf While the hours grow long. I saw the starlight coming through the oaks While all around we were laughing Walked a mile to get there through the snow To celebrate the seasons passing. Time stands still for you Amid all those stairs You waltz gracefully through You are your best friend again and again.