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Quick download in airport I love my iPad with 3G. Hauling my train of thought back onto the track In The Virgin and the Playboy , Julia Hooper signs up with Madame Evangelista's 1Night Stand service to get rid of an "inconvenient accessory," as she terms her virginity. She's out of college and has reached the point where not having already "given it up", the questions she faces from any man she dates about why she hasn't have reached beyond inconvenient.

So she signs herself for a one-night stand with an experienced man who will show her the ropes. She wants a playboy who will know what to do, and who she assumes she won't like. Mark turns out to be a sweet guy who has reached the point in his life where an endless line of nipped, tucked and fashionably chic also model-thin women, all alike has become boring.

Julia is refreshing and natural and above all, real. Together they discover an old truism, that it is difficult to make love without feeling at least a little love. They both feel a lot. They discover what they've both been missing. The story is short and surprisingly sweet for what it is. One year later, Mark and Julia are ready to get married, and they invite their best friends. Did Julia's best friend have to be a virgin too?

And a librarian? Stereotype much? I digress. Mark and Julia sign their best friends, their best man and maid of honor, up for 1Night Stands. It worked for them, why not pass along the gift? So to speak. Mark's best man, Ray, is a pilot who really doesn't think very much of himself. And Karin, poor Karin, is a small-town librarian who acts as if she signed a morals contract when she took her job.

Real-life librarianship isn't like this. Where this story takes flight is when these two lost souls start to tell each other their hopes and dreams. Karin wanted to be an astronaut. She studied for it, she had a scholarship, but her parents guilted her into setting her dreams aside to take care of an aging relative. Her spirit has been grounded ever since. This story is really about Karin finding another way to learn to fly. Ray needs to take a chance on himself.

See a Problem?

He needs to believe that he's good enough for someone to love. Both of these people are wounded, and they need to believe in each other.

They take matters into their own hands and make things work the way they want them to. And they fly off together into the wild blue yonder. Nov 29, Jessica Subject rated it it was amazing Shelves: 1night-stand , erotic-romance , fav-read-of , own-it. There are many things that make me enjoy a book, but when the story makes me laugh and cry before I've even finished, I know it will be one I read again.

I was drawn in from the very beginning, wanting to know what happened to Mark and Julia from The Virgin and The Playboy. But they aren't in the story for long, leaving the spotlight to Karin and Ray. These two characters have to be among my favorites in the 1Night Stand line. I love Ray's protectiveness of Karin, even though he barely knows her There are many things that make me enjoy a book, but when the story makes me laugh and cry before I've even finished, I know it will be one I read again.

I love Ray's protectiveness of Karin, even though he barely knows her. He is sweet and damn sexy at the same time. And in many ways, I could relate to Karin. Another great aspect of this story is that it included bits and pieces from other 1Night Stand stories, including characters and places. I absolutely love how the story ended, but I was left with one unanswered question.

I highly recommend this story, as it is a fun and sexy read, and will take you on an emotional roller coaster. Dec 21, Delphina rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I love this series and I have become a huge Kate fan recently. She really gets it. Yes, she has super steamy romances, but she gets that friendships are the key to a couple. I loved this story. She has some cross over characters from The Virgin and the Playboy, which is always fun.

She also has a different twist on the 1Night Stand series. I will definitely be reading more from this author. You give them the opportunity to meet the perfect partner by arranging a 1Night Stand of their own. But you know what they say about the best laid plans… Julia and Mark, both of whom were introduced in an earlier tale, are heading to Vegas to get married. Each are to contact the service for details after the rehearsal dinner. Karin and Ray, feeling a spark between them, instead follow their own path. This story was a little different than other 1Night Stands in the series, in that we get a glimpse of what life is like for Julia and Mark before being introduced to the focus couple.

For those who read the first book, The Virgin and The Playboy, this will be welcomed. The characters were well defined, the setting was described wonderfully, and the attraction between Karin and Ray was palpable. In a few short pages, the Ms. Richards takes us from initial meeting to blossoming love, and I enjoyed every minute.

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The sex was hot, and I especially enjoyed the way she allowed us into the thoughts of each character-sometimes switching point of view in the middle of a pivotal moment. It drew me into the scenes as if I was a bystander in the room. There were only two minor items that kept this story from scoring a perfect 5 stars.

The other was an unanswered question. Each was supposed to be set up with someone, but neither chose to make the call for arrangements. Who were they supposed to meet? So what happened to their dates? May 23, Julie Ramsey rated it it was amazing Shelves: done.

The Virgin and the Best Man (1Night Stand)

And Karin is to be her cousins maid of honor. And for attending to their special day, the bride and groom have given these two the special gift of Madame Evangeline's services. A date for each of them set up by Evangeline herself. But as the night goes on, it becomes apparent that they just might like to spend their time together instead of with some strangers that they might not f The Virgin And The Best Man by Kate Richards Ray is on his way to Vegas to be the best man for his brothers wedding.

But as the night goes on, it becomes apparent that they just might like to spend their time together instead of with some strangers that they might not feel any attraction to. Review: I have read some of the other stories in the 1 Night Stand series and have very much enjoyed them.

And I wasn't disappointed in this story either. The story of Ray and Karin is funny, romantic and sexy. This is a short story so there isn't a lot I can say accept that it really is a great one. I am sure that everyone would enjoy this book. In a time when women have few options for their futures, bluestocking wallflower Llysa Hamilton has aged out of the marriage mart. With offers for her hand unlikely, she enlists Madame Eve's 1Night Stand service to find the perfect man for one passionate night.

Wolfe Thane, Duke of Foxhaven, has never lacked for anything, but he's bored with his entitled life. Winning a 1Night Stand voucher in a poker game appears to offer a perfect, commitment-free opportunity to add spice to his sex life. Hiding behind a mask during her date with the duke offers Llysa anonymity and courage. Wolfe has never met a woman as intriguing and disingenuous.

Lord Simon James Winston, seventh Marquis of Breckinridge, can have anything he wants, except the woman he loves. After Chandra, his lover of two years, spurns his marriage offer, he does his best to forget her. When friends discussed the services of Madame Eve one night over cards, it seems like just the thing to get him over his heartbreak. Lord Andrew Masterson, Earl of Windenshire, has had a string of bad luck with women. Not sure what he might be doing wrong, he turns to Madame Evangeline.

Betrothed since before her birth to Lord Masterson, Miss Miranda Beauchamp has prepared to be his countess ever since. Can Madame Eve show Andrew and Miranda there is more than a contract between them? That is what Jonathon Edward Railey, eighth viscount of Aunton, found out the hard way. With his burden of family debt and eight younger brothers to feed, what woman would stick around?