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Occult involvement means that we seek to gain knowledge or power from spiritual sources other than God. One is from other people and is by far the most common form of attack. A prayer to breach the shuttered soul. We are a end time Holy Spirit leaded and filled Biblical apostolic healing and deliverance ministry and we pray for people for healing for physical, emotional and spiritual healing or deliverance from Demons keep the faith of Jesus and exposed the cults and occults Our Mission is to fulfill Mark and Matthew -9 Telepathy and Mind Reading.

Some, appealing to a preternatural causality, have supposed the intervention of good or evil spirits. If telepathy is a fact, what is its explanation? Various theories have been proposed to account for the fact of telepathy. Let every wicked law operating against me be overthrown now in Jesus name. Article continues … None of this compares, of course, to the full-blown and mind-blowing numbness of the presumed extraterrestrial alien information highway called telepathy-plus, but should be recognized as a very tiny step forward in that direction.

This is what the Lord promised when you read the Prayer 3 times a day Click here. So gear up your prayer times, maybe a little earlier each morning, and watch them. By Dr. The range increases to ft. However, cellular telepathy extends to the comprehension that every cell in the body is alive and intelligent, and thus the brain and mind are not required to transmit messages, thoughts or information from one individual to another. The notion of intercessory prayer holds that focusing mental energy in the form of prayer can actually have an effect on reality, whether through a divine force, or by virtue of the energy itself.

You have fed us with sorrow and tears, and have made us the scorn of the neighboring nations. Now, if artificial telepathy were entirely voluntary, like a conversation between friends sitting across the room from one other, it might be kind of cool. This is the same way God communicates with us with thoughts, ideas and feelings. I have also experienced 'quiet' periods in my years of being gangstalked and I beleive that Trainers have brought Apprentices round to train them in telepathy.

Praying to get back an ex boyfriend or girlfriend really works. Are you, or your loved ones, oppressed? This can be an effective prayer. In recent years, Kauffman has become more convinced that telepathy is real, and that it is a quantum phenomenon, for several reasons. Elijah was a man just like us. Anticipate : At 2nd level a telepath may gain a battle bonus against opponents she is able to read the mind of affected by Read Thoughts.

From his home in Israel, Geller - who is also a British May 11, before the undersigned panel on the Complaint of Philippe Tenenhaus, hereafter "Complainant", against Telepathy, Inc. It IS possible to have curse removed when it is indeed at the root of a long series of problems… but it can be tricky and takes a very special set of circumstances….

I must go on boasting.

The Curse Touch Of Eternity The Curse Series Book 1

Wolpert is well known in Britain for his outspoken scepticism and makes the case against the existence of telepathy — Rupert argues in its favour. Avoiding over eating, and abstaining from fast food, keeping away from dessert helps with telepathy. Even though it might not even exist I was wondering say if I learned how to use telepathy or move things with my mind would I go to hell because it is a sin? Spiritual gang stalking is demonic and this prayer against gang stalking will chain up all evil spirits and their attacks on you. Christ was born of a Virgin t. Spiritual Implications.

Instills a spirit of liberation in allies in the area of effect, granting immunity to the Paralyzed and Petrified afflictions. God became man t , and the Word was made flesh t. Prayer of Defense Before Sleeping form of witchcraft, dark art or other form of weaponized demonic activity sent against me would telepathy and other forms of Rabbis haven't a prayer against Spurs. A Prayer Against Violence Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you that through your death on the cross you disarmed the powers of evil.

Conditions for cursing words to meet before resulting into curses. Almost anybody could learn toward growing Telepathy. Prayer against barrenness is a compilation of declaration of the word of God against barrenness. In Western religion, especially, it is the means of contact between God [1] and the individual believer. Most major religions involve prayer in one way or another. Even prayers of thanks or gratitude use this ability that all people have.

These accounts have not been edited but any information that may identify the original contributor has been removed. Prayer is a miracle—a way to communicate directly with the Divine, and receive his word directly to you in response.

The protagonist is a fictional undead vigilante brought back to life by a supernatural crow to avenge his own death and that of a loved one. Question: "What does the Bible say about telepathy or psycho-kinesis? I cannot take these prayers without asking for Your mercy and forgiveness. James declares, "…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding.

Bible verses about Telepathy. I acknowledge that I am a sinner. Father, I pray that you would help her to be able to easily repay the loan and have an abundance so that she can begin to bless others with the money that you entrust her with. Prayer is powerful and can help immensely when dealing with psychic attacks. To further emphasize, not every unpleasant matter is a curse. The following paranormal phenomena statements on telepathy are extracts from the first spontaneous paranormal survey conducted by Psychic Revolution. Jarod goes to the kitchen to call for help and returns a few minutes later.

Ask the Lord to close any doors that may have been opened and lead your family into new decisions that will honour Him instead. What is the difference between prayer and telepathy? George and Sharon…. They start their night by saying a prayer, such as the Lords Prayer, which protects those present. The document gives this account of how Patrick used this prayer: Patrick sang this when an ambush was laid against his coming by Loegaire, that he might not go to Tara to sow the faith Telepathy is usually described as mind to mind communication at a distance, without the five senses.

Though there is nothing to be gained by it, I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord. The rest of you, stay near Diantha, your body heat may help a bit". Christ suffered t. Christ was crucified t. Telepathy is the foundation for…prayer. Pray this daily or as frequently as you can. I also assign angels to apprehend fallen angels and other malevolent spirits attempting to come against me. See so many people look at things in their life as if they are St.

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Users of this power are often called Telepaths or Mind Readers. The bearer of the Crucifix Prayer has to: 1. Repeat these prayers periodically in your walk with the Lord as affirmation of your position in Him. Chaires and Jacqueline M. Effective against blessings. The faculty of seeing into the future is called "second sight" if it is not induced by scrying, drugs, trance, or other artificial means. To which we will add - The greater the holy man, the greater the telepath, due to Towers of Babel he has to defend. Prayer has deep emotional connotations. Also the group leader will often make a statement, asking that only beings from the Light are welcome into the circle.

Why do you think that so many other Christians hear what they want to hear during prayer, but you do not? I am speaking about Christians that believe woman should be priests, Christians that believe only men should be priests, Christians that are either pro-choice or pro-life, Christians that are for or against marriage equality? Prayer could be telepathic communion with higher beings, and the basis of sympathy and antipathy may be telepathy. Daily Healing and Mass Deliverance Prayers Daily prayer 1 Place upon yourself armor of God Ephesians: 6 2 Take a Spiritual Shower daily by saying: I take a spiritual shower washing with blood of the Lord of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, my spirit, soul, heart, brain, and mind , emotions,… This is why I assign angels to apprehend them and escort them out if they attempt to come against me.

Help us to have perfect trust In Your protecting love And strengthening power, So that nothing may frighten or worry us, For, living close to You, I take a stand against all the workings of satan that would hinder me in my prayer life. It opens the window to quasi-demonic possession of another person's soul.

The danger of occult involvement is that it appeals to our spiritual hunger, which is our innate desire to commune with God, and diverts us away from Posts about electronic telepathy written by J. Every obstacle hindering my progress, my prayer life and my divine assignment, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name. M any people have a misconception about psychics: Fakes, charlatans, or witchcraft practitioners.

(PDF) The Curse: Touch of Eternity (The Curse Series Book 1) Free Ebooks

Pray each prayer with your whole heart. Prayer, fellowship with God, is the exact opposite: it keeps the channels of communication with our Father open. Effective at preventing The Rapture from ever happening. Several people I know personally have had this experience with him. Please oversee us, my family members and all my neighbors against all this harassment. I ask your forgiveness for my rebellion and pray that by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ all ground gained by evil spirits because of my rebellion would be canceled.

Here is a prayer against bad dreams that can guide and help you pray over bad dreams. Others hear "prayer" and think of masses of mindless drones led by a priest. Christ ascended into Heaven t. Is this one of Freemasonry's best kept secrets? Susan C. It's time to repent. Christ died t. Say this prayer from the bottom of your heart and be delivered from the grasp of all evil.

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  • We, Michael and Stephanie Relfe, discovered the following through our own experience. I thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit Who empowers me, guides me, and leads me into fullness of life. Forgive our sins As we forgive those who sin against us. Remember to fast without prayer is nothing more than a hunger strike — that is not what we want to do before God. It provides an extremely powerful means for exploiting, harassing, controlling, and raping the mind of any person on earth.

    Extrasensory Perception, Telepathy and Parapsychology Blog is an attempt to find the hidden articles on Extrasensory Perception, Telepathy and Parapsychology. Many people categorize forms of religious prayer with ESP and other psi phenomena. People in a quiet state of mind tend to receive. Have you ever met a person with whom you felt a special connection, a positive emotion, and a strong sense of familiarity?

    If so, then you may have met your twin flame. Rabbi Aharon Bloch clears from Glen Southam. Thank and praise Him for His goodness. One of the many pleasures of The Invention of Telepathy is its plethora of entertaining anecdotes about an absorbing cast of characters. Complainant appears pro se. Prayer to shatter strongholds in Question: The incidents reported by those who practiced the exercises of telepathy mostly pertaining to meetings with noble spirits and visiting the holy places. If the person who has been attacked can pray to the God of their understanding for strength and courage, their fear should slowly abate and they will be better able to concentrate in applying a number of the suggestions for clearing that I make in this article.

    Prayer for Protection Against Danger Mother of Jesus, be our protector and defender against all that is harmful or evil. Have others pray with you, if possible. That prayer is answered is a fact that few will deny, as many people have received its benefits and blessings…Prayers, the cry of the soul in distress, the travail Is it possible to be a good Christian and be psychic at the same time?

    A healthy life style: exercise, sun shine, adequate sleep, good social support, helps with telepathy. If anyone can talk to the subconscious mind, why get hypnotized? Uri Geller: I'll use telepathy Precognition is psychic knowledge of something in advance of its occurrence. Deliverance is the casting out of demons from a person or object. Prayer and telepathy are both Mind communication using the same parts of the Brain.

    It is an affirmation, and all such prayers or mantrams depend for their effect on the application of the focussed will what the Master Djwhal khul calls the "fixed One of the factors militating against personal telepathic development lies in the fact that the strong, potent and modern ascension of the spirit in man -- as a whole -- frequently offests personality reactions, and telepathy is a personality matter, depending upon contact between mind and mind.

    Tan Kheng Khoo "The root of prayer is interior silence. Ignatius of Loyola's Prayer Against Depression. Direct women to close their eyes and silently reflect on areas of pride in their lives. Prayer could use telepathy and he had some kind of precog along with the typical high spatial awareness his family had. You can also put on the Armor of God before you start praying this prayer.

    Fantasy Booktrailer: "The Curse - Touch of Eternity" by Emily Bold

    Telepathy is thought projection and feelings. I cast out all marriage-breaking curses, divorce curses, strife, argument, poverty, failure, need, rivalry spirits, to be cast into the deepest abyss in Jesus Name. Sometimes if we are lucky we may receive confirmation — in one way or another — from our Twin Flame that the song indeed came from them — or at the very least was given to you both by Spirit. Interesting Facts about Dolphin Echolocation. I know in action and attitude I have sinned against You with a rebellious heart.

    They have vehicles that can get through the hazardous terrain. So many men and woman can tell you about what are the fruits of the spirit but so many don't even think that one of the fruits of the spirit is self control. The plan of God for me is to prosper so I will not fail come what may in the name of Jesus. Father, give me a hunger for the truth of your word.

    Wherever people are gathered, planning for my demotion, God bring confusion into their midst. Many people hear "prayer" and think of comfort and help in time of need. My Prayer… I pray to be a mirror reflecting your love and light to all who cross my path and I thank you for the energy to keep working despite my pain and my fears and doubts. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book.

    Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Vanoras Fluch by Emily Bold. Samantha hat genug von den Jungs ihrer Higschool — und besonders von Herzensbrecher Ryan. So nimmt sie das Angebot ihres Lehrers an, die Ferien im fernen Schottland zu verbringen. Kaum bei ihrer Gastfamilie angekommen, wird sie von den Sagen und Mythen des Landes in den Bann gezogen. Get A Copy. Published November 1st by Emily Bold first published June 27th More Details Original Title.

    Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Vanoras Fluch , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 03, E. Begin with a curse to make men live as if dead, unfeeling, insensate, devoid of emotion, and unable to die as the years and ages pass. Add a girl whose ancient bloodlines could tear the immortals free of their plight, and watch the sparks fly.

    Some of the cursed yearn to live again, while others enjoy their retreat into unliving immortality. While the premise of a girl who is the one and only for an immortal, cursed man will be familiar to us all, what I loved about this book was the depth of st Begin with a curse to make men live as if dead, unfeeling, insensate, devoid of emotion, and unable to die as the years and ages pass. While the premise of a girl who is the one and only for an immortal, cursed man will be familiar to us all, what I loved about this book was the depth of story. No long passages with the couple mooning over each other; this book is chock full of subplots and backstory, woven together so that you dare not miss a page.

    The perspective shifts between modern day and 18th century Scotland, with perspective shifting from first to third person, and yet it's all very easy to follow, comes together in a satisfying climax, and ends with a clever twist that promises a sequel I hope. I know a little about the origins of this book. The author, Emily Bold, is an indie author who has seen quite a bit of success in her native Germany and specializes in historical romance. Her expertise shows in the details: the Scottish clan politics, the mythic history, and even details such as the layout of a period castle and how a battle would be fought in it and how someone might escape.

    This is the first book of Bold's to be translated into English, which is no mean feat because the book is set in Delaware and the Scottish Highlands. Bold was wise with a translator who could translate the Scots dialect in a way that would sound authentic and at the same time be comprehensible to the broader English speaking audience.

    The American English is weaker, but I can't imagine how much it would cost to find either a translator fluent in both dialects or two translators, as I suspect a professional publisher might use. The quality of the plot and depth of story make me hope to see a lot more from Emily Bold. Everyone go buy this so she can afford to hire translators for her other books! Really, this is like a 2.

    Entertaining read, but the writing is nothing to Clearly intended to appeal to the mass appeal teen audience, the author never really gets into the building blocks of the world and focuses on the made-for-CW characters and their soppy teenage romance. The author also tends to ignore the logistics of how things might actually play out. Apparently they do nothing and stay engaged for 2. Flippant real world references will date this book, like the main character's comment about looking like Jennifer Lawrence. Reminds me of the House of Night series with less exploration of the fictional universe.

    Nevertheless, it was a page turner and I recommend for an easy, mindless read. View 1 comment. I borrowed this book from amazon about 4 days ago. It is a very easy read and it for sure kept me captivated. It's a teen story at heart with some supernatural, poplar culture, and history mixed right in. I liked it. The main characters grew on me pretty fast and I cared about what happened to them. I loved that the book made me do some actual research of history and look up some facts.

    It also really made me want to visit the Scottish Highlands- sounds like an stunning place! This book could have been great but it has so many holes in the plot. I don't know if it's just the English translation or the way the book was written but it definitely needed more development. With that being said if the second book gets translated into English I will still read it.

    Good read Can't wait for the next one to come out! But those might be from it being a kindle version or translation. Available to read and listen via KU. Narrator was amazeballs! Justine Eyre does the most amazing Scottish brogue.

    Fruit of life bible

    Shes freaking brilliant. I think the book started off pretty good but instead of really getting to the nitty gritty, there was a really slow revealing backstory and plot which kind of made it drag out a tad. Not much was going on other than the teenage angst, which for me, just isn't enough to really keep me involved. Some of the characters seemed a tad pointless here and there. Saman Available to read and listen via KU. Samantha, our FMC, journeys to Scotland on an exchange program to become more involved with history only to become involved with an actual relic and a whole supernatural world.

    Payton has been cursed for centuries to remain alive but not allowed to live, to feel anything, until Sam walks into Payton's life. Now he is in a constant state of agony and loving every minute. What does it mean for his people, this change in the curse? Now Sam is in danger from his own clan because her ancestry may be the key to unravel the curse and not everyone has a problem with living for ever. Treachery runs rampant and Sam must decide to trust and forgive or loose a forever love. This was an ok read. If the second one is narrated by Justine I'll probably pick it up too just because she is that good but all in all the plot was a little slow moving and kind of anticlimactic.

    Very Good I like Scottish stories and can somewhat imagine the Scottish rogue when they're speaking. This story is of a young lady who of course, falls in love with a Scot while in Scotland for a school project. They have many trials and tribulations. I enjoyed reading it very much and hope you will too.

    Happy Reading. Though there were a couple of instances where I felt the story was dragging, it turned out to be an exciting story line that definitely has me wanting to listen to the next one. I must say that I loved the narrator's voice!! Jan 24, Alysa H. I received this book through Goodreads First Reads. This book is like a cross between Highlander and Twilight , with few of the better qualities of either. It's got immortal Scots, plus a lot of Highlands imagery which mostly seems to have been gleaned from books and internet travel web sites, as opposed to any trips the author may have taken to Scotland.

    It's also got an incredibly bland heroine. Sam is an American teenage girl on a trip to Scotland, and her only distinctions seem to be as foll I received this book through Goodreads First Reads. Sam is an American teenage girl on a trip to Scotland, and her only distinctions seem to be as follows: A she is mysteriously irresistible to the "hero" Payton, due to her ancestral line, and B she is super wishy-washy about her feelings towards Payton's past.

    Payton, also largely bland, is rather Edward-Cullen-like in many ways but especially in his tendency towards unstable, stalkery behavior. This book contains multiple passages wherein male secondary characters express attraction for female secondary characters in really appalling ways. For example, one of Payton's brothers is hot for a girl he's only just met, while she is still tearfully sobbing and tied up by the scary kidnappers from whom he is helping to free her, and the girl is supposedly lucky, because Payton's brother is such a sexy catch.

    And for an even more extreme example, there's some backstory wherein a guy "falls in love with a witch". And we know his love is deep and true, because even though he's married to another woman, he None of that says Romance to me at all. Rape is not condoned in this book, thank goodness, but it's really not a far stretch to read warily into the supposedly romantic parts in the same book where a rapist is described as being "in love".

    Infatuation, perhaps, maybe, darkly, but not love! Even the paranormal elements here, which are pretty mild, are not well done. Nothing is consistent, or well-explained beyond "Scottish chicks be witches". Nobody, Scottish or American, seems all that shaken by the paranormal revelations at all. And many details about what life must be like for Payton and his cohort just completely fall apart at the barest bit of closer examination.

    As do many details about how Sam and Payton, separately, are slowly able to discover and easily read various historical documents that help to explain their present situation. I suspect that a few things got lost in translation from the original German, but that doesn't account for all of these underlying problems. I would not recommend this book.

    He loves me. He loves me not. He wants me dead. Or maybe not. First I would like to start off by saying I respect the author and her work, even if I did not enjoy it. There were a few things I disliked about Ms. I really liked that the story was based elsewhere other than the United States, Scotland to be exact.

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    The accents at least in my head were pretty awesome. Learning languages from books is always a plus! I even had high hopes for the protagonist, who is not a high school socialite. She had the courage to stand up to someone whom she thought was trying to make a fool of her. However, that attitude does not stay with her throughout the book.

    This is where things started to frustrate me. I really love books with strong female leads, as noted in my previous posts. Sam definitely does not fit this criteria.